Nasty Woman t-shirt
from 20.00

Designed, manufactured, and screen-printed in Los Angeles on an American Apparel white cotton jersey t-shirt. 15% of the profits (which previously made possible a $200 donation to Planned Parenthood) will be distributed towards Planned Parenthood and the International Refugee Assistance Project. 

Sizing: Shirts run pretty true to size. Check out the size chart here.

Shipping: Your shirt will be shipped within 3 business days via USPS First Class. If you're ordering this week for the Women's March, your order will be expedited to arrive by Friday. If you live in LA and would rather pick up your shirt downtown, email me before placing your order. 

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If you're not interested in a shirt, please consider making a donation instead to one of the following organizations to make the world a little kinder for the millions who are fearful in the face of the next four years:

  • Planned Parenthood: will almost certainly be defunded in the near future. Donate to keep clinics open, contraception readily available, and abortions safe and accessible. 
  • The Center for Reproductive Rights: like PP, legally advocates for reproductive rights, including access to birth control, safe abortion procedures, and providing unbiased sources of education/information.
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council: works to safeguard communities across the globe, pushing for environmental laws that help protect the ecosystem.
  • The International Refugee Assistance Project: provides refugees and their families with the legal support they need, with or without the support of the U.S. president.
  • National Immigration Law Center: provides legal support and defends the rights of low-income immigrants who live in the United States.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center: fights hate and bigotry through legislation, education and advocacy, which is particularly vital after a campaign marked by racism, misogyny, hate, and misinformation.

Surround yourself with people who support you, protect each other, and fight hate with calmness and determination.